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Various Notes

Note 1: Akkadian I’m studying the ancient Akkadian language.  This is not a course in Seminary, but an interest of mine. Akkadian, named after the city of Akkad in ancient Mesopotamia, is a Semitic language (along with Hebrew, Ugaritic, and … Continue reading

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Epistemological Consistency and the Truth of Christianity

Two varying philosophies or worldviews will by nature discount or reject the alternative views. Thus, for example, Christianity denies naturalism and naturalism denies Christianity. From either perspective, either that of the Christian or that of the Naturalist, the alternative view … Continue reading

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On the Knowledge of God, Natural and Otherwise

The philosophical attempts to prove the existence of God are all failures. The cosmological, teleological, moral, ontological, and transcendental arguments for the existence of God all rely on logical fallacies, are thus false, and are nowhere to be found in … Continue reading

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Book Learnin’

If any of my readers would like to support a Seminary student (a.k.a ME) here is a list of books I’d like to study. Please buy them for me! Send them to (Doug Douma, 6160 Country Rd #130, Westcliffe CO, … Continue reading

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God Chooses His Messengers from Amongst Sinful People

This coming Wednesday will be my first sermon. I’m fortunate that my seminary has even first year students doing sermons. I think it would have not been until the 3rd year at other seminaries. The following, more or less, is … Continue reading

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The Solution to the Problem of Knowledge Despite Man’s Finitude

There is a problem in epistemology that unless all things are known then nothing can be known.  Now, this seems strange because we think of building up knowledge from the bits and pieces and into a larger picture. But consider … Continue reading

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