A Letter from Bernard Ramm to Gordon Clark

One of the interesting letters I’ve found in the “Clark Library” at Sangre de Cristo Seminary is from Bernard Ramm to Gordon Clark. Unfortunately, no date is listed on this letter.

Bernard Ramm (1916-1992) was a leading Baptist theologian and apologist.

It reads in part:

Dear Gordon:

This is just a word of thanks!

Last night I was in a panel on world religions where the old hat issue got tossed around: can we make any final claim for any religion? The other two members were Hutchinson, head of the grad school of religion at Claremont, and Ross who is supposed to be the wisest boy in the LA region on comparative religions.

Using ammunition from your books I kept them on the hot seat, on the double, and on the run all evening!



About douglasdouma

I am a graduate of the University of Michigan (BSME), Wake Forest University (MBA), and Sangre de Cristo Seminary (Mdiv). I've learned far more from books than in school. I'm particularly in debt to Martin Luther, Ludwig von Mises, and Gordon H. Clark for any thoughts I have.
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2 Responses to A Letter from Bernard Ramm to Gordon Clark

  1. cephash says:

    I note that Bernard Ramm couldn’t spell “ammunition” and “knew”.

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