From the File: Butler University

It is surprising how little information on Dr. Clark there is in his faculty file at Butler University considering the fact that he taught there for 28 years. Unlike Wheaton College, which has a collection of letters between Dr. Clark and two presidents of the institution, Butler has just a few scraps of information.

One is a form Dr. Clark filled out in 1966 on “Faculty and Staff Biographical Data.” Of interest is the final page where one is to list publications. Under the “articles” section, Dr. Clark simply writes: “Too many to list.”

The remainder of the collection is essentially clippings from various Indianapolis newspapers noting speeches he is giving and then his retirement in 1973.

And finally, there is a warning about letting his class out too early from the Director with the President cc’d. But who can be blamed for stopping early an evening course intended to run to 9:45 PM!



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I am a husband to beautiful wife, an ordained minister in the Reformed Presbyterian Church - Hanover Presbytery, and founder of Sola - Appalachian Christian Retreat ( In addition to blogging at this site I am the author of The Presbyterian Philosopher - The Authorized Biography of Gordon H. Clark (Wipf&Stock, 2017) and compiling editor of Clark and His Correspondents: Selected Letters of Gordon H. Clark (Trinity Foundation, 2017). I have a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering (University of Michigan), a master's in business administration (Wake Forest University) and a master of divinity (Sangre de Cristo Seminary). I'm an avid hiker, having completed a northbound thru-hike of the Appalachian trail in 2013 and the first 500 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2016.
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