Gordon Clark and Unionism – Nov 28, 1962

From the Indianapolis News, with multiple spelling errors:

On the defense of compulsory unionism which alleges that unions confer benefits on all laborers, Dr. Clark says: “The unions make a spacious [sic] defense by claiming that all workmen should help pay for the privileges that the unions have won.

“This piece of propaganda is exploded by applying to the churches. I believe……that….. my church contributes great spiritual value to our society. Then, by the union arguement [sic], all people should be compelled to join church and pay dues – even if they think my church is a positive evil.

“Fortunately for society, and even fortunately for me too, on this question there is a large majority in favor of freedom of choice.”


About douglasdouma

I am a graduate of the University of Michigan (BSME), Wake Forest University (MBA), and Sangre de Cristo Seminary (Mdiv). I've learned far more from books than in school. I'm particularly in debt to Martin Luther, Ludwig von Mises, and Gordon H. Clark for any thoughts I have.
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