Clark and Van Til on Barth, Part 1.

This is the first of a series of articles I’m writing on the reactions of Gordon H. Clark and Cornelius Van Til to the theology of Karl Barth. This “Part 1” will simply provide reference to the source material under discussion and online links where available.

Part 2 answers the question, “Was Cornelius Van Til the first Reformed voice to oppose Karl Barth?”

Part 3 will address the question, “How does Clark’s critique of Barth differ from Van Til’s?” Part 4 then explores the debate regarding “Did Cornelius Van Til interpret Karl Barth well or poorly?” And finally, Part 5 seeks to answer the question, “Were Cornelius Van Til’s views actually a lot like Karl Barth’s views?”

First, the source material:

A. Cornelius Van Til’s Books on Karl Barth

1946. The New Modernism.
1962. Christianity and Barthianism.
1962. Barth’s Christology. [Pamphlet]
1964. Karl Barth and Evangelicalism. [Pamphlet]

B. Cornelius Van Til’s Articles on Karl Barth.

1931. Review of The Karl Barth Theology or The New Transcendentalism by Alvin S. Zerbe. Christianity Today 1, no. 10, (February): 13-14.

1937. Karl Barth on Scripture, The Presbyterian Guardian, Vol 3., pp. 137f.

1937. Karl Barth on Creation, The Presbyterian Guardian, Vol 3., pp. 204f.

1937. Karl Barth and Historic Christianity, The Presbyterian Guardian, Vol 4., pp. 108f.

1937. Seeking for Similarities in Theology, The Banner, Vol. 72, pages 75 and 99.

1938. More Barthianism in Princeton. The Presbyterian Guardian, Vol. 5., No. 2. Feb, p. 26-27.

1938. Changes in Barth’s Theology, The Presbyterian Guardian, Vol. 5, pp. 221f.

1942. Kant or Christ, The Calvin Forum, Issue 7, p. 133.

1946. Karl Barth: Die kirchliche Dogmatik.

1948. Karl Barth en de Kinderdoop.

1948. Christianity and Crisis Theology, The Presbyterian Guardian, Vol. 17, p. 69f.

1949. More New Modernism at Old Princeton, The Presbyterian Guardian, Vol. 18, pp. 166f.

1954. Has Karl Barth Become Orthodox? Westminster Journal. 16:2, May.

1959. What About Karl Barth, Eternity.

1960. Karl Barth on Chalcedon, Westminster Theological Journal 22: 147-166

C. Cornelius Van Til’s Lecture on Karl Barth

Van Til on Barth (1968)
Part 1:
Part 2:

D. Gordon Clark’s Book on Karl Barth

1963. Karl Barth’s Theological Method.

E. Gordon Clark’s Articles on Karl Barth

1960. Review of The Humanity of God, by Karl Barth. Christianity Today 25 Apr.

1961. Review of Anselm: Fides Quaerens Intellectum, by Karl Barth. The Presbyterian Journal. May 3.

1961. Review of Deliverance to the Captives, by Karl Barth. Christianity Today 5 Jun.

1961. Questions on Barth’s Theology (Contributor). Christianity Today 3 Jul., Vol. V, No. 20.

1962. Barth’s Critique of Modernism. Christianity Today 5 Jan., Vol. VI, No. 7.

1962. More Questions on Barth’s Views (Contributor). Christianity Today 5 Jan.

1962. Special Report: Encountering Barth in Chicago, Christianity Today, May 11, 1962, 35-36.

1962. Review of Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Holy Scripture, by Klaas Runia. Christianity Today 6 Jul.

1963. Barth’s Turnabout from the Biblical Norm (excerpt from Karl Barth’s Theological Method). Christianity Today Jan. 4., Vol. VII, No. 7.

1963. Review of Karl Barth on God, by Sebastian A. Matczak. Christianity Today 1 Mar.

1963. Review of Evangelical Theology by Karl Barth, The Presbyterian Journal 8 May: 21.

1964. Review of Portrait of Karl Barth, by George Casilas, The Presbyterian Journal 30 Sep.: 18.

1964. A Heritage of Irrationalism (excerpt from Karl Barth’s Theological Method). Christianity Today 9 Oct., Vol. VII, No. 7.


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