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A Village without Mailboxes!

My family and I are working on getting settled in Unionville, NY, a trail town along the Appalachian Trail. Unionville is so small, in fact, that it is not a town but a village! It does make for a nice … Continue reading

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The Christian Observer in 1987-1989

I recently acquired a set of issues of The Christian Observer running from 1987-1989. This paper has a long history reaching back over 200 years and has at times been a prominent publication. I skimmed through these issues and thought … Continue reading

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Notes on Ronald H. Nash’s lecture series, “History of Philosophy and Christian Thought”

This is a series of 36 lectures given by Ronald H. Nash at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando. Though lectures of the same title were given in the Fall of 2001 (and released in 2014 on MP3 CDs), this series on … Continue reading

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