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I am a graduate of the University of Michigan (BSME), Wake Forest University (MBA), and Sangre de Cristo Seminary (Mdiv). I've learned far more from books than in school. I'm particularly in debt to Martin Luther, Ludwig von Mises, and Gordon H. Clark for any thoughts I have.

Gordon Clark on Divine Simplicity

A List of Places where Gordon Clark favorably notes Divine Simplicity. [Note that in some of these instances Clark might just be relaying the view of the theologian he’s writing about, and not necessarily accepting the doctrine himself. But in … Continue reading

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Sermon on Romans 2:1-4

The Hypocrite and the Just Judge Scripture reading: Romans 1:26 — 2:1-4 Sermon text: Romans 2:1-4 [Rom 1:26 — 2:1-4 ESV] 26 For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those … Continue reading

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Clark and Van Til on Barth, Part 5.

To what extent is Van Til’s doctrine of God similar to Barth’s “Wholly Other”? This is part 5 of a 5 part series on “Clark and Van Til on Barth.” Click here for Part 1. Click here for Part 2. Click … Continue reading

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Notes on John Frame’s “Theology of My Life.”

In his autobiography Theology of My Life (Cascade Books, 2017), Dr. John Frame notes that he published his recollections because, as he says, “I think they can be of use to some readers.” In this blog post I’ll note some … Continue reading

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Some things that didn’t make the cut for “The Presbyterian Philosopher”

I began discussing some things on the Gordon H. Clark Discussions Forum that did not make the cut for The Presbyterian Philosopher, the biography of Dr. Clark that I had published earlier this year. So I thought I’d note some … Continue reading

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Sermon on Romans 1:18-32

[An excerpt from a sermon I preached at Dillingham Presbyterian Church, Barnardsville, NC, on Sep. 3, 2017]   . . . I. All men know God. (vs. 19-22) Paul begins this passage with some very interesting statements about man’s knowledge … Continue reading

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Guilty of Calvinism

In my university days—and before I ever was a Calvinist—I wrote a letter to the editor of the local daily press. The letter was in response to the previous day’s article written by a General Studies major at the same … Continue reading

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