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List of Trinity Papers

The Trinity Foundation appears to have numbered each of the volumes they’ve published as a series of “Trinity Papers.” The first few books had the number labeled on the front cover. Over time it seems the number was less prominently … Continue reading

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From Paradox to Contradiction in the Theology of John Murray

Followers of the theology of Cornelius Van Til have long argued that while there are “apparent paradoxes” in Scripture these are not contradictions in the ultimate sense. For example, in The Trinity and the Vindication of Christian Paradox, B. A. … Continue reading

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Bibliographies of a few reformed authors.

I’ve put together the following bibliographies of some reformed authors whose books I’m particularly interested it. Please let me know if you have additional information and I’d be glad to update this post. J. Oliver Buswell Jr. (January 16, 1895 – … Continue reading

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Ek, Dia, En, and Kata

The Reformed Faith maintains that the grace of God is the cause of man’s salvation (WCF 9:4, 10:2), that faith is its alone instrument (WCF 11:2), and that works are the fruit and evidences of a true and lively faith … Continue reading

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The Transcendental Argument, Its Got What Theologians Crave

The movie Idiocracy portrays a dystopian era five-hundred years in the future where the breeding of the dullest has drastically lowered the average mental abilities of the whole society. An average man from our own times who finds his way … Continue reading

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A Phantom Presbyterian Denomination

Among the presbyterian denominations listed on wikipedia’s “List of Presbyterian and Reformed denominations in North America” is one called the Evangelical Assembly of Presbyterian Churches in America (EAPCA). To the best of my knowledge this group does not exist. On … Continue reading

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Using God’s Money for Man’s Kingdom

Using God’s Money for Man’s Kingdom A Short History of a Financial Scandal by Rev. Douglas J. Douma Perhaps the greatest financial scandal in Presbyterian history—the failure of Cornerstone Ministries Investments (CMI)—saw the loss of over 100 million dollars. Yet … Continue reading

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