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The OPC’s Forgotten Letters – Samuel Allen

Here is the text of seven letters sent by Rev. Samuel Allen to ministers of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in the 1940s. You will not see these in any OPC history book. Why? See for yourself. April 14, 1947. TEACH, EVANGELIZE, … Continue reading

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A Cornelius Van Til quote on Francis Schaeffer

In an earlier post I noted that Cornelius Van Til found issue with Francis Schaeffer’s lacking Calvinism. Van Til also found issue with the apologetics of Schaeffer, his former student at Westminster Theological Seminary. (note: after studying at WTS for a … Continue reading

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G. K. Beale on the Error of Postmodern Hermeneutics

In my semester at the Swiss L’Abri I became concerned that the staff’s commitment to respecting other’s beliefs bordered on a subjective post-modernism and led to a denial of the perspicuity of Scripture. Time and again in lectures and discussion … Continue reading

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John Witherspoon’s place in American Presbyterianism

A great number of important 18th and 19th century American Presbyterian theologians could find John Witherspoon as their personal teacher or as a teacher of their teacher to a higher degree. There are important exceptions to this chart. For example, … Continue reading

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A Brief Survey of Reformed Eschatology

I put together this handy chart to see where various 20th and 21st century Reformed theologians stand on the question of the millennium. I chose theologians whom I’m particularly familiar with, rather than choosing the strongest or most popular advocate … Continue reading

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Dutch Charts

In America: In the Netherlands:

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A Couple Charts

    And the Bible Presbyterian situation:  

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