6 Responses to About

  1. Mitch Young says:

    Hi Doug. Thanks for letting me know of your impending journey. I look forward to hearing updates of your trek and your life and do want to keep track of your beard growth! God bless your next adventure! Mitch Young

  2. Dear Doug,
    Could I speak to you at your leisure and my cost, personally? It would require a phone number. You can contact me privately at issachar.institute@gmail.com. Alternatively, you could phone me at 905-728-4052. If I am not home, just leave a voice mail with your number, and I will asap return the call.

    Dr. Gus Gianello

  3. Ben Mullikin says:

    Hello Doug, I like to know when that biographical book on Gordon Clark is to be release. His life draws my attention.

  4. Ryle Cameron says:

    Hey Mr. Douma – like many before me, I am curious if the deal for Dr. Clark’s books is still available. I would love to begin reading his work.

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