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I am a husband to beautiful wife, an ordained minister in the Reformed Presbyterian Church - Hanover Presbytery, and founder of Sola - Appalachian Christian Retreat ( In addition to blogging at this site I am the author of The Presbyterian Philosopher - The Authorized Biography of Gordon H. Clark (Wipf&Stock, 2017) and compiling editor of Clark and His Correspondents: Selected Letters of Gordon H. Clark (Trinity Foundation, 2017). I have a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering (University of Michigan), a master's in business administration (Wake Forest University) and a master of divinity (Sangre de Cristo Seminary). I'm an avid hiker, having completed a northbound thru-hike of the Appalachian trail in 2013 and the first 500 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2016.

The Christian Observer in 1987-1989

I recently acquired a set of issues of The Christian Observer running from 1987-1989. This paper has a long history reaching back over 200 years and has at times been a prominent publication. I skimmed through these issues and thought … Continue reading

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Notes on Ronald H. Nash’s lecture series, “History of Philosophy and Christian Thought”

This is a series of 36 lectures given by Ronald H. Nash at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando. Though lectures of the same title were given in the Fall of 2001 (and released in 2014 on MP3 CDs), this series on … Continue reading

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Two Erroneous Epistemological Distinctions

In The Word of God and the Mind of Man, Ronald Nash contends for the existence of both propositional revelation and “personal revelation.” Though to this idea of “personal revelation” Nash gives various other terms—including “encounter” and “event”—nowhere does he … Continue reading

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Review of The Word of God and the Mind of Man by Ronald H. Nash

The Word of God and the Mind of Man, The Crisis in Revealed Truth in Contemporary Theology, by Ronald H. Nash, Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R, 1982, 132 pp. After a few comments, the following is not a review so much as … Continue reading

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GHC Review 56: The Works of Gordon Haddon Clark

The numbered volumes of The Works of Gordon Haddon Clark all published by the Trinity Foundation include the following: 1999. The Pastoral Epistles. Vol. 15. 2000. Thales to Dewey. Vol. 3. 2000. A Christian Philosophy of Education. Vol. 10. 2004. … Continue reading

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GHC Review 55: Ancient Philosophy

Ancient Philosophy, by Gordon H. Clark, The Trinity Foundation, 1997, 495 pp. This book is valuable in that it reproduces otherwise difficult to find material. But it is a bit awkward in that in reproducing material from multiple early Clark … Continue reading

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GHC Review 54: Philippians

Philippians, by Gordon H. Clark, Hobbs, NM: The Trinity Foundation, 1996, 123 pp. This is the last published commentary of Gordon Clark’s and the last published original material of his as well. John Robbins notes in the introduction that Clark … Continue reading

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